November 2017
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Have you ever dreamed of producing your own music someday? However lack of knowledge in playing different musical instruments is preventing you from doing so. Or maybe you have the skills and talent but you don’t have the musical instruments needed to create the music you’re passionately longing for. Well, with the advent of technology it is now possible to fulfill your dream with the use of Novation Launchpad. It is a 64 button music controller that enables you to make music fast and easy. Novation Launchpad comes with ‘Ableton Live’ music-making software. You don’t need advanced musical knowledge to make music, just load up Live, plug in the Launchpad and you’re ready to play and create your own music. Just use the buttons to make sounds, change the volume of each sound and add effects to them. Novation Launchpad is used by some of the world’s top DJs, musicians and producers. Check out to know more about Novation Launchpad.

It was my childhood dream to learn to play a piano but because of poverty I wasn’t able to fulfill my dream so when my daughter told us her desire to learn to play the piano I didn’t think twice to buy her a new piano or keyboard. Now she can play a base guitar as well. This morning my daughter said she’s planning to buy a pedaltrain nano at I immediately agree with her plan. I think it’s a good buy so she could organize all her pedals and travel with her pedals without hassle.

My niece told me about her experience when she visited a radio station yesterday. She’s a mass com student so part of their training is to visit radio stations. She said she’s amazed at the high technology sound systems she saw. She remember seeing MF pioneer dj equipment and other DJ paraphernalia.  She had an opportunity to become a DJ for one day and she finds it cool and fun to be a DJ.

I’ve never been to a radio or music studio in my entire life. I hope someday i can find time to visit one of them.