December 2016
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I enjoyed yesterdays praise and worship time in our Church Sunday service. It really feels good to sing songs of praise to our Almighty God. Thanks to our church music team who leads us in worship. They are really commendable, knowing that they are just volunteers they are so dedicated in serving God. I’m proud because my daughter is also part of the team.

To make their music more excellent our church admin is planning open power amp at musicians friend. The one they use has already worn out. They can’t find open power amp locally so they opted to order online. It will be available in around one month.

Christmas is just 20 days away. I’m not yet done with my Christmas gift shopping. It’s so hard when you have very limited time because you’re tied in office works. Also, i’m running out of Christmas gift ideas. Every year i find i difficult to buy gifts for my parents. I’ve given them gifts such as clothes, bags, wallets, accessories and skin scare products. This time i’m thinking of giving them pulse oximeter, it will be very useful since at their age they already need to monitor their health condition regularly.Thanks to internet, i can easily order this item online. How about you, have you completed yours? :)

When I’m down and troubled with no one to talk to, one thing I do to get comfort is to listen to gospel songs and christian instrumental music. Music really has the power to change my mood. It relaxes me and uplifts my soul and spirit.

That’s why i would like to learn to play music instruments also, so that when i’m feeling low i will just play the piano or keyboards. I will not just to listen to a recorded music, but this time i will be a part of playing the music which is more rewarding.

By the way speaking of musical instruments, you’ll surely find quality instruments at guitar center platinum, so better check their website. Don’t just settle for less if you’re planning to buy one.