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In today’s environment of increasing obesity, it is more important than ever to maintain a daily health regimen, and part of staying healthy can include drinking tea daily to supplement other healthy activities. When combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, the health benefits of tea can help improve one’s appearance and general health, due to tea’s many unique properties.

Foremost among it’s abilities to assist a health programme is its caffeine content. Caffeine can help with regular exercise by increasing the amount of caloric energy spent while working out, providing more effective results than a similar amount of exercise without the added health benefits of tea. Additionally, tea itself is low in calories, which means that these benefits will not be offset by its own caloric content, unlike other sugary caffeinated beverages such as sodas.

Caffeine is not the only component of tea which can help one burn calories. Polyphenols in tea help to increase the rates at calories are burned during exercise. Tea also increases the tolerance to glucose and raises insulin sensitivity, which can help control one’s figure when combined with a proper diet in a fitness programme. Drinking tea also increases the base metabolic rate at which one breaks down food into nutritious components, and assists the body in processing fats faster, which would help augment both a healthy diet and a workout schedule.

As stated above staying healthy goes beyond simply drinking tea daily. One must work to formulate a health plan which will work for them in order to slim their figure and gain or maintain a healthy appearance. An excellent first step would be to substitute tea as a snack beverage for other higher calorie or overly sugary beverages, especially sodas and sports drinks with an abundance of artificial sweeteners. Even adding milk to one’s tea can help protect the cardiovascular system for a healthy heart and arteries.

Second would be to estimate the amount of calories consumed in ones daily meals, and attempt to regulate caloric intake and lower the fats in one’s diet. Thirdly, one must engage in a regular exercise program, especially aerobic exercises such as jogging, at least three times a week in order for the health benefits of tea to really manifest themselves.

Much of tea’s beneficial properties, such as helping to prevent cardiovascular disease, increasing caloric metabolism, and making use of a higher metabolic rate, only become apparent in ones appearance after they are combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. However, when all these pieces are put together, an individual will find themselves not only feeling healthier, but looking better, thanks in part to the health benefits of tea.

This article is written by Hugh McInnes on the topic of keeping up a healthy appearance by drinking certain caffeinated drinks, such as tea. Find out the benefits of drinking tea and how it will help keep you energised while exercising and staying healthy.

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