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Proper BED treatment can help those who are affected overcome this order, so that they can live a normal, content life that does not revolve around food.

If you suspect that someone you love suffers from binge eating disorder, or that you yourself may, here are some of the most common symptoms:

  • Feeling out of control frequently
  • Eating until you are so full that you are uncomfortable
  • Eating very fast, or faster than normal
  • Hiding food or eating alone so that people do not see the quantity of food you eat
  • Being depressed or disgusted with yourself because of overeating

What are the causes of binge eating?  There are several, including psychological and physiological factors.  BED does tend to run in families, although scientists aren’t exactly sure why.  Research continues to determine if those affected with the disorder may have unusually low levels of brain chemicals that directly affect appetite and mood regulation.  Also, many who are affected with the condition are noted to have low self esteem, and often suffer from anxiety or depression.  

Binge eating disorder treatment often consists of therapy counseling treatment that helps people overcome this condition, which can be dangerous and actually life threatening.  Treating this condition early on is crucial to resolving the problem.  The longer BED continues, the harder it is on the body.

There are several good options for treating this condition, and the right approach will depend upon the individual.  Professionals look closely at the individual, to determine how long the disorder has been going on and to identify other strengths or symptoms.  Physical and psychological aspects must be taken in to consideration for the individual to receive treatment that is most effective in their particular situation.

BED therapy counseling treatment helps the affected person learn constructive ways to cope with life and the problems or challenges they may face, and also helps them develop a healthy relationship with food.  If you or a loved one suffer from a <a target=”_blank” href=””>binge eating disorder</a>, you are probably ready to put the pieces of your life back together so that you can function as a healthy, happy and normally functioning human being once again.  Seek the best treatment available, and get your life back on the right track.

Joel McLaughlin
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