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During the day, we get mini-cravings for food, and far too often reach for unhealthy options. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you snack healthier.

It’s not all about willpower the next time you feel the need to grab that bag of potato chips (or potatoe if you’re a politician) or box of Girl Scout Cookies. Here’s a couple of quick tips to keep your Healthy Living on track!

  1. Water. Stop buying the bottles. Get yourself a sport bottle and fill it every day with filtered water from your fridge. You get the health benefits of water. The water helps you feel ‘full’ and so you eat less. It has no calories. A little know fact is by drinking cold water, your body has to actually WORK to heat it, so you’re actually burning just a bit of calories to use it! Oh, and it’s free!

  2. Buy snack sized healthy foods. Like Carrots? Buy a big bag of the little ones. Put them in a zip-loc bag, and put them in your purse or briefcase. Feel the urge to snack, grab those puppies and dig in! Or, buy a can of unroasted almonds and keep it in your desk/cubicle. There are MANY health benefits to almonds, but the roasting process makes the good oils into bad oils – avoid! Whatever your favorite healthy snack is, look for a portable size and keep it with you.

  3. Don’t wait. If you wait too long to eat, your body will become more insistent that it needs to eat RIGHT NOW! Don’t wait. Every 2 hours or so, take a minute and snack healthy. It will help keep your cravings under control.

  4. 100-calorie packs. Okay, so you just can’t stand it – you’re weak and craving sugar. You must give in! At least be smart about it. Many brands have 100-calorie size snack packs you can buy. Keep one with you, and when you absolutely must have something sweet, at least you’re controling your portion size automatically. Don’t rely on willpower!

Most of these are common-sense and all are easy to put into practice, we just needed them pointed out to us to get us thinking. Take control of your actions and get control of your weight!

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