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Coffee is a warm, comforting beverage and is often consumed by individuals all over the world every morning and multiple times within the course of a day. Many coffee drinkers like coffee for its flavor and the boost it provides. However, because of its caffeine content, it isn’t uncommon to question whether too much coffee can be bad for you.

A single cup of coffee contains around 90-150 mg of caffeine. Caffeine sensitive people should try to limit the amount of coffee they drink to one cup per day or avoid it all together. The side affects of drinking coffee may include:

–Trouble sleeping
–Increased heart rate
–Increased blood pressure
–Increased risk of osteoporosis

If you are drinking your coffee with cream, sugar, whipped cream, or other unnecessary items like caramel, chocolate, etc., then you are also adding fat and sugar. Having coffee shops on every corner only adds to the fad of drinking these sugar and fat filled beverages. It makes kicking the coffee habit even harder.

Decaffeinated coffee isn’t a good substitute. The caffeine removal process from coffee is complicated usually involves the use of various chemicals. After it is complete, decaf versions still contain traces of caffeine. If you are trying to kick the habit, there are some great coffee substitutes available that are often made up of ingredients such as barley and other spices.

Replacing coffee with a healthier drink is ideal. I have cut out coffee from my diet and replaced it with a healthy shake. It has done wonders in terms of my energy and health. Now instead of stripping my body of its nutrients every morning, I drink a healthy meal in a glass.

Giving up coffee may be harder for others but it isn’t impossible. Many heavily addicted drinkers struggle with irratibility and headaches due to caffeine withdrawal. Replace your morning cup with a healthy alternative and with some time, you will feel better and no longer rely on caffeine’s stimulating effects.

My favorite coffee substitute is caffeine free, gluten free, sugar free, and contains protein and antioxidants. Most of all it’s delicious.

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