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If  you knew with certainty that a particular  gas station sells contaminated gasoline-with sugar or water,you choose- would you use this gasoline for your car?

I suppose not!

Then may I ask why are you ready to eat without second thought every junk food that appears in front of you?

Is your body of less value than your car?

Or you might allege that you are not up-to-date with the recent knowledge on nutrition?

Maybe you are well  up-to-date but you have decided to defer the problem to the future because you see no urgency.

I want to make two observations:

-ignorance is not justified with so much knowledge hanging around
-the problem with lousy nutrition is very urgent and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Usual symptoms of  heedless nutrition

-obesity with all its consequences and parafernalia
-lack of energy and low productivity
-reduced aesthetics
-low sex drive and perfomance
-many chronic health problems which lead to a slow and painful death:

*neurodegenerative diseases
*heart problems
*cancer problems
*problems with joints

For me what counts the most  is not a long life but a life I can live at its fullest.And I know that  a miserable nutrition is the surest way to downgrade it!

What you can do to reverse the situation:

-minimize the consumption of sugar and white flour and all the foods that contain them.Remember that the consumption  of highly processed carbs is the main reason for the obesity pandemic that sweeps across western countries

-avoid all packaged,processed,industrialized foods which are usally loaded with salt,trans fats ,sugar,corn syrup and artificial sweeteners

– avoid fast food:


-seriously increase the consumption of fibrous vegetables and foods containing good fats as omega-3 and monounsaturated.

In just a few days you will start to see the difference on you and in three months you will be a new you.

Don’t lose valuable time.Go for it!

To your health!

Chris Strogilis

Civil engineer with postgraduate studies in MBA and Marketing.

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