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The truth is, to effectively counter the hazards of acidity, the body’s natural detoxifying functions must be kept in optimal condition.

For a body that is excessively acidic, disease will soon follow; and a body that is totally acidic, is as good as dead. Contrary to popular belief and the common premise, there is absolutely NO such thing as a “Natural Death”. The truth is, death is caused by the progression of acid, which overwhelms the body, and ceases it from functioning.

So what are the secret agents which are causing us all these problems?
– Consumption of processed, pre-packed food,
– Sugar rich and carbohydrate rich food(i.e. pasta),
– Dairy products (i.e. milk, ice cream, and cheese),
– Produce grown with the use of pesticides, preserves, antibiotics, and hormones
– Beef, pork, and poultry
– Alcoholic beverages,
– Synthetic medication and processed iodized table salt.

Another contributing factor to acidity is the wide spread and careless emission of pollutants on the environment, which affects ecosystems, drinking water, and the air we breathe in. Chronic stress also causes excess acidity – insufficient sleep, rest, exercise, and changes in lifestyle can cause the body to produce more acid than it normally does. Hence, the cells absorb more and release less toxins, causing malfunctioning colons, skin, kidneys, and lungs.

Maintaining a healthy level of alkalinity in the blood will prevent and neutralize the effects of acidity. A higher level of alkalinity promotes the increase of oxygen in the blood. The high alkalinity in blood, promotes oxidation as the pumping of the heart is optimized. This also allows the cells regenerate faster, and flush out toxins naturally. High alkalinity encourages the efficient absorption of vitamins and nutrients by the cells, which is essential if the body is to slow down the effects of aging. For a much straightforward analogy, a baby’s body is extremely alkaline, and an old timer’s body is extremely acidic. Natural death is naturally caused by, Acidity.

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