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Meal replacement shakes may be a good option for anyone who is trying to lose extra pounds. There are a lot of different types available and some are better than others when it comes to their ingredients. Before you decide to use any meal replacement shake, you should consult with your physician or a certified nutritionist to discuss their proper use. They can also determine whether you should be using one at all.

The primary issue with using one is that you will be purposely replacing at least one meal a day. Some health professionals don’t promote meal replacement, yet, some may favor it as a method to help with initial weight loss. No meal replacement shake should be used for a long period of time. Three months may be an average period of time.

While you are searching for a decent shake, view the amount of vitamins and minerals it provides. Avoid products that contain tons of sugar. I have conducted my own comparison shopping and most were lacking in vitamins so be cautious before purchasing.

You should also keep in mind that not all shakes taste delicious. It may be a challenge to find one that doesn’t taste bad or have an awful after taste. Replacing your breakfast or lunch are probably the best choices while you continue to eat a well balanced dinner.

One of the best meal replacement shakes I’ve had contains 70 ingredients (including essential vitamins/minerals) and tastes like an actual chocolate milkshake when blended with ice. Now I use it as a daily multivitamin drinking it in between meals as a healthy snack.

Try a 30-day supply of my favorite meal replacement shake. It is gluten free, sugar free, caffeine free, contains antioxidants, protein, and more! Visit for full details.

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