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Gain Weight Holidays!

Yes, that is what most holidays end up being for people like me.  My wife must have gone through 4 lbs of butter and several bags of sugar just baking for the holidays this year and I must have eaten half of that–sigh.

The EODD solution to gain weight holidays.

Jon Benson’s The Every Other Day Diet or EODD for short is a splendid antidote to the gain weight holidays.  I like this diet plan—actually diet plans—because it fits my lifestyle and if you are like me, it will fit your lifestyle as well.  The EODD has been called “The Easiest Diet In The World”  but as all dieters know, dieting is not easy.  So I like to call the EODD “The Least Hard Diet In The World” and my number one candidate for fixing the results of gain weight holidays.

How does the EODD fit your lifestyle?

For starters I like to eat as you can tell by my gain weight holidays, and the EODD accommodates this.  Sure you can’t eat whatever you want whenever you want, but you can eat whatever you want at least one day a week and sometimes more.  The EODD is much easier for me to stick with than other diets because of this and that is why I can lose the weight from my gain weight holidays. The EODD also accommodates holidays and special occasions by making them feed days.  It is entirely possible with the EODD to not even have gain weight holidays and still enjoy these occasions.  One of the reasons I always had gain weight holidays in the past was due to the fact that I didn’t want to be the culinary outcast at the Christmas Party.  Well, the EODD completely sidesteps this problem by demanding that you eat normally at these occasions and  you can still lose weight doing this! 

Bye Bye gain weight holidays

Using the EODD can help you eliminate the weight from your last gain weight holidays and eliminate future gain weight holidays.  Besides all of this the EODD has a fast start diet script that can melt of 21 pounds of fat in 21 days.  These are the reasons that I like and use the EODD both as a means to deal with gain weight holidays and as a lifestyle plan to keep the weight off.  Jon was serious about weight loss when he wrote the EODD.  Are you serious about losing your gain weight holidays fat now?  If so check out the EODD and end the gain weight holidays for good.

Is the EODD a solution for your gain weight holidays? See the details here!

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