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Have you heard about the Weight Watchers Canada coupon?  Well if you haven’t, you may already be too late. Weight Watchers Canada is rumoured to be expiring these coupons just in time for the weight loss season.

Weight Watchers Canada is the Canadian franchise of the industry respected and weight loss giant Weight Watchers America.  Following in their parents footsteps, Weight Watchers Canada has been offering special online coupons that saves potential clients 25% off of the price of the Weight Watchers Canada online program when they sign up for a minimum of three months.  The buzz in weight loss circles is that, with weight loss season just around the corner, Weight Watchers Canada may take a different direction away from their parent company, Weight Watchers America, and stop accepting the Weight Watchers Canada coupon for a few months or expire the Weight Watchers Canada coupon completely.

Did you know that there is such a thing as weight loss season?  Well, there are actually two weight loss seasons or times of year that weight loss product sales traditionally peak. By far, the largest of the weigh loss peaks arrive just a few days after the Christmas feast on January first when everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions to lose weight.  With hundreds of millions of people around the world thinking the exact same thing – let’s lose weight – how could it not be the biggest time of the year for the weight loss industry. The other smaller peak arrives in April when people see that winter is ending and there is still some time to shed some pounds before bikini and beach season.

These year-over-year trends have not escaped the notice of the big weight loss companies. You may or may have not noticed a slight shift in advertising around these peaks times of the year. Keep an eye out in January and April and you will probably see a decline in advertisements for weight loss products. Large companies like Weight Watchers Canada have been tracking these trends for decades and know that they don’t need to advertise as much when people are motivated and beating a path to your door.  The rumour is that Weight Watchers Canada is thinking about taking things a little further this year.

The Weight Watchers Canada weight loss program is great.  The company has been around since the early sixties and has helped millions of ordinary people permanently lose weight. They focus on making healthy food choices and portion control.  You can eat your own food and there is no need to buy special pre-made food or take pills, supplements or drugs.  The Weight Watchers Canada program is based on common sense so you can follow it for life.  Weight Watchers Canada estimates that, to remain healthy, for most people will loose between 1 and 2 pounds per week (after the first 3 weeks).

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