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As the holiday season approaches, many of us find our regular, hectic schedules compounded with extra chores. The clock is ticking down on the number of shopping days left. The cards to wish friends and relatives the good wishes of the season will soon have to be in the mail; the holiday baking must get done; fine feasts must be planned, homes need to be decorated, and presents, wrapped. Oh, and don’t forget to find time to actually enjoy the magic of the season! The frenzy that is about to begin can seem daunting, but there are purveyors of nutritional supplements that can help us maintain our health during this busy season.

Mogo Organics is a developer and distributor of nutraceutical products designed to stimulate the body’s natural abilities to heal itself. Experts in naturopathy and homeopathy, they have developed this line of organic products to help individuals boost their immune systems, improve their digestion and generally feel healthier. The stress that the season portends can be harmful to one’s immune system. Mogo Organics’ Red Surge nutritional supplement provides powerful, natural antioxidants to boost energy. Many of us are tempted by the delectable foods of the holidays. Adding Mogo Organics’ G&F Greens and Fruit to one’s daily breakfast routine can help to improve digestion and keep us feeling energetic, even when we occasionally overindulge.

All of Mogo Organics’ nutritional supplements and vitamins are made from premium, all-natural, organic ingredients. Mogo Organics products contain no preservatives, and no artificial sugars, sweeteners, colors or flavors. So as not to aggravate those people with allergies or delicate digestive systems, Mogo Organics nutritional supplements do not contain corn, wheat, yeast, eggs, MSG or genetically modified ingredients. Adding a Mogo Organics product to your daily food routine will improve your overall feeling of energetic health and wellness.

Rick Nappi, the formulator and the designer of Mogo Organics product, is a doctor of naturopathy and homeopathy. Dr. Nappi applies his years of experience in natural medicine to developing products that combine natural ingredients known to increase energy, boost the immune system and support the digestive system. Designed to work with the body’s natural abilities to heal itself, Mogo Organics natural supplements improve one’s overall feeling of health and well-being. Mogo Organics products even offer pain relief for those who suffer from joint pain and arthritis.

Mogo Organics nutritional supplements and vitamins can be administered in several tasty ways. Some people like to add their favorite supplement to their morning breakfast smoothie, giving them a good step forward into the day. Others prefer a mid-afternoon boost by adding a Mogo Organics product to yogurt, for a sweet and energizing treat. For a low-calorie evening snack, some Mogo Organics fans add Mogo Slim to ice in a blender, creating a sweet, mocha-sorbet. Any time of day is a good time to feel healthier.

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Mogo Organics holds its organic health products to the highest standard of purity by using only natural ingredients; no artificial ingredients are added to any nutritional formula. For more information, visit

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