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Food allergy is basically defined as adverse reaction or response to food protein. This problem is not uncommon at all and all kinds of people all over the world suffer these allergies. There are many types of food allergies and it is important for you to know them. However, before looking at the top type of allergies regarding food, it is vital for you to know the signs and symptoms that you should look out for. Many of the symptoms will cause devastation to those affected and if care is not provided, the conditions will get worse and even become fatal.

Angioedema is quite common and many will experiences the symptoms thereof. Angioedema is basically the swelling of different parts of the body including the eyelids, lips, tongue, larynx or voice box and trachea. This condition often leads to obstruction of the airways and hence a lot of difficulty breathing. Another common sign to look out for on the onset of these allergies are hives. Itching has always been one of the top signs used to diagnose the allergies. You can experience itching in the mouth, skin, eyes and even throat.

Food allergies will also present with abdominal pain, diarrhoea, vomiting and many other related conditions. Wheezing and nasal congestion are other signs worth mentioning. All these signs may not be common in all people because individuals will suffer differently. Others may just have one sign and some have all the major signs of the food allergy. Doctors will use several methods to diagnose this problem and some of the tests will include skin tests, blood tests, food tests and many others. With the above overview on the signs to watch out for, let us look at the top notorious types of food allergy.

The first is dairy allergy. This kind will see people go down with this condition when they consume dairy products. Another one has eggs as the culprit. Egg allergy has always been a main challenge especially in children. When consumed by those who are prone, the above mentioned signs and symptoms will appear. Others are allergic to peanuts. This one has a huge chunk of people who simply cannot escape the consequences when they take them.

Tree nut is another food worth looking out for. It is responsible for different allergies; a significant number at that. Seafood is also never a delicacy for many. This is because it causes severe reactions that need to be avoided at all cost. Another notorious food is shellfish and those that suffer this type of food allergy will need to steer clear of it. Other infamous foods that trigger allergies in people are soy and wheat. If you notice the signs of allergies after consuming the above foods, you need to see a health expert for a way forward.

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