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Diabetes does not have any diagnostic symptoms. However there are certain signs that have been tied with diabetes and that have slowly become a warning signal.  Diabetes signs and symptoms are not prominent, so diabetes is frequently unattended.

Diabetes signs and symptoms are suggested by the need to urinate often and feel of thirst perpetually. This is the effect of the surge in the level of sugar in the blood. Symptoms of flu are also apparent resembling that of viral illnesses. There is tiredness, body pain, weakness and also deprivation of appetite. When sugar can’t enter the body there will be weakness and the energy level will sink. Hunger increments as the body is deficient in insulin and cannot move the glucose to the cells. The organs are weak, devoid of energy and you are starved in no time. You tend to lose weight quickly in spite of eating plenty. The body has to burn more calories as glucose is egested through urine. Owing to high glucose levels the liquids in the eyes are extracted from the lenses and the effect is clouded vision. Diabetes does not grant the proper healing of hurts and infections. Lasting infections are what a diabetic patient is subjugated to. Sores become a sore point as they do heal after a long duration.

The diet for diabetics can help you guide clear and control the disease. Do not worry simply stick to the directions and you will be fit and refined.  It affects every organ of the body gradually. Be cautious, it is a natural reaction to get depressed after learning much about the diabetic diets which is going exclude all your favorite foods from your diet chart. This is not accurate.

You will be joyful to find that diet for diabetes as diffused by many is not distasteful. Surprisingly it is delicious and mouthwatering. This article gives out a diet for diabetic patients that can make you normal within 4 weeks.

A diabetic patient should not stop protein, because they require it more than the non –diabetics. They can happily carry on their protein ingestion. Plant proteins like beans, lentils, soy beans, pea nuts, pine nuts are good for you. Animal proteins like chicken, turkey, lean meats like lamb, veal, eggs are perfect for you. Among the fat products you can go for double toned skimmed milk, cheese, butter, cream, ice-cream, beef and lamb, coconut oil in mitigation. You are not permitted to eat flour of any variety or products of white flour. Instead you can have whole grain food stuffs and whole wheat foods. Non fat yoghurt and non fat cheese are allowable. Cakes, chocolates and pastries are not to be taken at all. You can have sweet meats and diabetic sweets. Calorie free beverages primarily for dieters can be taken like the green tea, chamomile tea. Water has to be consumed throughout the day. Sugary drinks are forbidden. Diabetes can be held in check if you eat lots of green leafy vegetables fruits, colored vegetables, beetroots, guavas, carrots, amla or Indian gooseberry and other citrus fruits.

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