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So you have made a resolution to lose weight and get in shape. Great, but where do you go from here? Losing weight isn’t easy, but the rewards are tremendous. The secret is to make losing weight less hard by bringing it down to a level where we can do it through a calories cycle system.

A Different Way To See Diets: calories cycle
Maybe it is time to look at weight reducing in a different way. Traditionally I might try to lose weight by cutting my calorie count down to 1200 calories a day, add some exercise, and hope for the best. Unfortunately, after a week or two my fat reduction will stop and yet I will be stuck on this measly 1200 calorie a day diet becuase my body got used to the daily calories cycle.  Now I am trapped, frustrated and ready to give up.

Hold On
But hold the horses! 1200 calories a day is 8400 calories a week. What if I looked at my low calories cycle on a weekly scale instead of a daily scale a sort of weekly calories cycle. That way I could vary my daily calorie intake, some days consuming very little and some days eating a lot more, and still keep within the 8400 calories cycle for the week. Since my body can no longer adjust to a consistant daily calories cycle it won’t stop losing weight.

Have a Blow Out
Another benefit of using a larger scale such as a weekly calories cycle one instead of a daily calories cycle is that I can “save up” my calories for a blow out day, or to have my favorite foods. This keeps me from feeling trapped by my diet plan, and bored with same old food everyday.

Happy Birthday
By reducing my calories over a week instead of a day I can make room for holidays and special occasions. In other words I can diet and still not feel like a social outcast. In fact no one at the party or even will even know I am dieting if I plan out my weekly calories cycle correctly. This idea is so powerful the Life Coach Jon Benson used it to design the Every Other Day Diet or EODD for short, an award winning weight loss plan.

Like I said,Less Hard
Lowering my weekly calories cycle count instead of my daily calorie total allows me a lot more food choices for the week, kills the diet boredom, keeps me from feeling trapped, allows me to enjoy special occasions, and keeps my weight loss from stalling out. In the end this type of dieting called calorie cycling can help me keep my fitness resolutions.


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