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Have you ever tried to find out the true essence of energy in its pure form? Did you know that your mind and the thoughts that it generates are basically the controlling your energy flows both within you and around you? Most of modern day ailments take root in the mind. Keep your mind in a healthy positive state and you can stay away from sickness. Even if you fall sick you recover faster if your mind so dictates. How does one train the mind? There are a number of alternative therapies you can resort to. Reiki healing is one such non invasive, benign technique which can be safely used in combination with other treatment methods.

What do you think about most of the time? How to earn money? How to manage relationships? These thoughts affect your energy centres also known as Chakras. Reiki healing provides guidance on balancing these energy centres thought Reiki self attunement.

In this article I am going to describe 2 exercises to balance your chakras through Reiki healing and visualization.

1. The White Light:

Visualize in your mind a large beam of bright, crystal white light emerging into the top of your head. Visualize the light to be as bright as possible. Imagine this light entering your head and taking away any darkness and harmful thoughts from your crown chakra. Slowly visualize this light moving through your each and every chakra in your body and clearing away all darkness so as to illuminate them. At the end of this exercise your chakras should be lit and totally balanced in size.

2. Breathing Colors:

Take a deep breath and visualize yourself breathing in green color. In the same way imagine exhaling color yellow. Next breathe in blue color deeply and breathe out orange color. After this draw in purple as you breathe and visualize this color entering all your cells and your blood stream. Your final breathe out color should be red. Repeat this Reiki healing meditation exercise three times at a time. It is best if you perform this first thing in the morning and make it a part of your daily fitness routine.

Most of us can easily familiarize ourselves with simple Reiki healing methods by enrolling for Reiki courses. In the digital age it is fairly simple to identify online Reiki courses and benefit from learning this amazing ancient technique.

Do you want to become a Reiki Master In JUST 48 hours? All you need to do is follow this dynamic self-attuning, self-empowering system called Chikara-Reiki-Do. This may seem impossible, but is 100% true and system delivers what it promises. If you are serious about becoming a Reiki Master, discover an excellent easy way by clicking – Reiki Master.

I have been a Reiki Master since 1996. Living in an ashram in India, my daily routine includes yoga, meditation, reiki practice and study of herbs. I have traveled almost all over the world teaching Reiki. Being a wild life enthusiast, I am passionate about climate change and environment pollution. I encourage my students to take part in Nature Walks to help understand plants and herbs which have medicinal properties. I strongly believe that natural remedies exist for all types of ailments and must be the first choice of treatment for any disease. To get rid of modern day stress and strain we must resort to alternative medicine. Reiki is one such healing method which has provided relief to scores of people the world over. You have to try it to believe it!

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