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Alcoholism can be defined as a chronic disease characterized by compulsive consumption of alcoholic beverages and physiological and psychological dependence on alcohol. Drinking problems can arise due to various factors including genetics, upbringing conditions, social environment and emotional health. Going by the statistics, in USA, around 14 million people suffer from alcoholism. 25.9% of underage alcohol abusers drink 47.3% of the total amount of alcohol consumed by drinkers under the legal age.

Generally, the people who are addicted to drinking often find it extremely difficult to quit this habit. Even after realizing the problem, they are unable to balance their social, professional and personal life. Professional and medical assistance are necessary for complete recovery. These people can visit alcohol rehab centers for proper treatment and to gain knowledge about how to live a productive and alcohol free life.

The alcohol rehab centers follow innumerable treatment philosophies and methodologies to treat addiction and other co-occurring mental disorders. Alcohol Rehabilitation is a complex process that usually starts with detoxification, a process of removal of toxins from the body.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs can help in complete recovery provided the patients have strong will-power and determination to come out of this disease. For patients who are moderately affected, rehabilitation can take place in an outpatient setting. Counseling and therapy sessions are conducted several times a week for several hours a day. For some patients, more intensive program is recommended. These are usually long-term inpatient alcohol rehabilitation programs, where patients are kept under observation. Doctors, therapists, counselors take care of the patients. Duration of stay depends on the addiction pattern and frequency. Some rehab centers also offer aftercare treatment to prevent relapse after completion of the treatment.

Residential treatment, Partial hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Counseling (Individual, Group, Couple or Family Therapy), sober living and Brief intervention are some of the common alcohol rehab programs conducted by the rehab centers.

Above all, the patients must be dedicated to their recovery to revive their lives. The friends and family members should support them for quick recovery.

At the onset of alcoholism, it is unclear as to what the triggers may be to cause the abuse, so the best bet in most cases is cleanse life of all prior unhealthy habits associated with drug abuse or alcoholism.

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