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Colds are caused by any of several hundred different viruses specially adapted to grow in the nose. We hear reports of all kinds of remedies for the common cold, from sucking on lozenges to rubbing garlic on your clothes. That’s why it has proven impossible to make a reliable vaccine that’s effective against all the viruses.

Smokers are particularly vulnerable to colds. Tobacco smoke dries out the mucus membranes lining the mouth and nose, impairing their ability to fend off viruses. One thing that does not affect your risk of catching a cold is being cold. There has been various studies in which volunteers got soaked in cold baths or stood out in the rain. These people did not catch colds at a higher rate than people who stayed warm and dry.

You ever wonder how do colds spread? Many think the virus spreads when a person inhales tiny virus droplets of mucus and saliva liberated by the sneeze of an infected person. It’s possible to catch a cold simply by being close to an infected person. The virus can spread hand to hand contact or by touching an object recently touched by an infected person, then touching the germ hand to the face.

If you need to avoid a cold and we cant count on others to stay at home when they’re ill, it pays to avoid sitting or standing near anyone you suspect has a cold and to watch where you put your hands and wash them often. While there’s no way to cure the common cold, there are ways to make the symptoms more bearable:

– Drink liquids to keep mucus membranes moist.

– Treat a sore throat with warm, sweet drinks, such as tea with honey. Or gargle with salt water.

– Inhale water vapor from a steam kettle or a hot bath or shower to help clear nasal passages.

– Keep the air moist by using a humidifier or a kettle.

– Take aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen to reduce pain and fever.

In summary, you could feel better when you exercise but you just can’t push yourself if you feel terrible. Many old fashioned remedies do seem to reduce discomfort, even if they don’t actually get rid of the cold. For example, warm liquids like chicken soup soothe the throat, while the rising steam loosens up mucus. Tea made with ginger or another fragrant herb helps settle an upset stomach.

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