January 2010
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Knee joint pain affects millions of people and is most commonly found in seniors. The usual culprit is just plain wear and tear. We use our knees in most body movements and as a result, we can wear down the cartilage that protects our joints from bone to bone contact.

Your doctor will most likely try cortisone shots, or prescribe an anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) to relieve the pain. While either of these may provide some temporary relief, neither does anything to correct the problem. So, you’re left with the same condition, which is actually getting worse.

As if that isn’t enough, the (NSAID) medication that you may be taking comes complete with horrible side- effects. Heart attack and stroke- the risk can increase with use. Also a concern, is bleeding, ulceration and perforation of the stomach or intestines. All of these conditions can be fatal and seniors are at a greater risk.

So, how can you get relief from pain and actually improve the condition at the same time? Cartilage building supplements can do just that. A good natural supplement can give you cartilage regrowth, without all those nasty side-effects.

Also, with a natural supplement, there is no adverse interaction with any medicines you may be taking. So, that is a very important consideration for you also.

If natural remedies can be the best way to go, then why hasn’t your doctor suggested that option? Well, in modern medicine, doctors receive little training in either nutrition, or in using natural solutions to treat disease.

The large pharmaceutical companies are involved too. They provide the funding for many studies on different medications and provide prescription samples and other benefits for doctors. The pharmaceutical companies have little interest in natural solutions, because they cannot be patented. So, there is no profit motive there.

Natural treatments for various ailments and diseases are becoming more popular all the time. People are concerned about the adverse side-effects of prescription drugs and are looking for alternative remedies.

So, while you shouldn’t ignore you doctor’s advice, you might want to consider trying a natural treatment also. Regrowing knee cartilage the natural way can be the best option for you and you don’t have to fear the potential consequences of taking prescription medicines.

There are many natural supplements on the market and most of them use the ingredients glucosamine and chondroitin which have been proven to help with joint problems. Why not take it a step further? Try Flexcin, the only natural arthritis supplement that contains CM8 (cetyl myristoleate), the all-natural supplement that gives you the extra advantage the others can’t. A 100% money back guarantee. Try it today. 

Donald J. Johnson is a senior with interests in topics that affect and are of value to other seniors. Anyone with joint pain needs to try a natural product, to avoid painful surgery, or the dangerous side-effects of NSAID type drugs.

Try Flexcin, the most effective, all natural solution on the market today. No harmful chemicals and with NO side effects whatsoever. While most joint health supplements only offer glucosamine and chondroitin, Flexcin is the only natural joint health supplement that contains CM8 (cetyl myristoleate) – a patented ingredient that is a natural joint lubricant, and anti- inflammatory agent that reduces swelling, eliminates pain and softens and smoothes cartilage. It is also an immune system modulator, which can be effective against autoimmune diseases, such as arthritic conditions.

Take the Flexcin Challenge, with the unique “Anytime, Anywhere, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee,” if you’re not 100% satisfied with the results and benefits. Try it now. “You have nothing to lose but the pain!” See for additional information.

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