January 2010
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Believe it or not, there are treatments for hepatitis, that can quickly get rid of the disease. In this article we’re talking about all types of hepatitis – a,b and c. Currently, the treatments for hepatitis b, or any other form of hepatitis, involve taking certain medication, which has been proven to damage many organs in your body.

The main research on treatments for hepatitis is currently done in australia, and researchers have been able to develop a cure, which can quickly get rid of the disease. What the researchers based their discovery on was the fact that almost everyone who’s above the age of 20 has been in contact with the hepatitis virus. However, less than a single percent of people actually develop the disease. Common sense tells us that the reason for that is just stronger immune system, but that’s not the only factor here.

Here’s the way to quickly get rid of hepatitis by using methods, anyone can easily apply:

So, if there is a cure for hepatitis, why doesn’t the medical industry apply it yet? Well, they probably need more time to test it. And let’s look at the facts: The current medication for hepatitis is taken on regular intervals, without curing the disease. There are hepatitis sufferers who have had the disease for months, even years, and have been taking medication for it. Why would the industry introduce some kind of a “magic pill” which will get rid of your disease, when they can keep you on pills forever? Of course, that sounds a lot like a conspiracy theory, but you have to admit, it does make some sense.

What’s interesting here is that your body is the only thing that can actually fight the viruses off – there are currently no cures available that can kill viruses in the human body. The treatments for hepatitis, the researchers have discovered involve just that – providing your body with the proper tools, so it can get rid of the viruses itself!

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