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In most cases curing constipation is always best when it can be treated through the inclusion of high fiber diet, change in the lifestyle or the use of laxative. But under extreme cases the medical practitioner might prescribe rectal suppositories, enema or even surgery depending on the severity of the case.

Typically, the inclusion of fiber-rich and potassium-rich diet into the daily routine can go a long way to curing constipation. When the fiber content in the body shoots up, it absorbs the water into the intestines, and makes the stool smoother. When the stools are not hardened, the elimination becomes easier.

Through the enhancement of potassium intake, the bowel movements get stimulated. Also, potassium can eliminate mucus and dried fecal matter that has accumulated on the colon walls. Food items like tomatoes, cucumber, etc. are typical examples of food rich in potassium.

A patient suffering from constipation must keep away from processed and frozen food items as it can impair the smooth functioning of the intestines.

Bringing about changes to the lifestyle, by sparing time for exercise and even to have a relaxed bowel movement is inevitable to get respite from constipation.

Laxatives may be prescribed by the doctor if the above solutions fail to be successful. Varying with the cause for constipation, the laxatives can be bulk-forming, stimulant, lubricant and saline.

If the discomfort level is pretty high, the doctor might recommend rectal suppositories to stimulate emptying. There is much help in curing constipation you just need to find the one that workd the best for you then work to provent constipation in the future.

When the oral laxatives fail to work, the doctor will recommend enema to have relief from constipation.

But, where one is suffering from severe colonic inertia that causes constipation, he will have to undergo surgery.

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