February 2010
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Beware eating too much processed food. It can encourage constipation and piles, otherwise known as hemroids.

Processed food includes lot of things we tend to eat regularly like bacon, cheese, ham, hot dogs and luncheon meat. A lot of everyday food items are processed.

It’s tempting and tasty food, easy to make a meal with but it can also give you constipation because it creates harder stools.

Constipation can lead to piles and hemroids. Nothing beats fresh food. Fresh meats, fresh fruit and vegetables all help make you regular

If you get constipation do not strain yourself when on the toilet, never. If you can’t do it  just relax, don’t worry

Don’t ever try and force yourself to go. This is just what can bring on piles and hemroids. Whatever you do just relax.

If you strain yourself and break blood vessels and start the piles process you will deeply regret it for hemroids is a horrible thing to have.

Also when you are constipated don’t sit for long periods, like more than two hours. This  also can encourage hemroids.

Many people believe you have to poo once a day but I don’t think that’s strictly true. Missing the odd day will not hurt. Lots of people don’t go every day, especially when they get older.

The indications of piles and hemroids are an itching in the anus area, signs of blood, pain and constipation. In severe cases there is a protrusion outside the bottom.

The condition is a vein inflammation or swelling in the anus and lower rectal regions. It affects about half of us all at some time in our lives.

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