Are you beginning to plan your summer weight loss regimen now? Starting to research the right diet….the right exercises and the right celebrity fitness programs that you are sure are the answer to your weight loss woes? If you are…..I’ve got some really BAD news for you that I truly hope you won’t ignore:

Less than 1 in 20 people reading this right now who are MORE than 15 pounds overweight will drop ANY weight in time for summer. (or sadly… time for next Christmas as well)

The #1 reason why people STAY fat is actually exceedingly simple…and super easy to overcome

Most people spend statistically 10 TIMES more time searching for the right diet….than they actually do on the actual diet. Every time I read this statistic it amazes me, and it’s truer today than it was just a few short years ago.


In my view, it’s NOT your fault. It’s more a by product of celebrity driven “fad” diets and the multi- BILLION dollar weight loss culture that feeds us a new “magical solution” even before we’ve managed to digest (no pun intended..:-) the one we’ve already started.

The facts don’t lie…and they AREN’T impressive:

Only a very small percentage of dieters will ever permanently lose weight
Those that do almost ALWAYS accomplish it through a change in THINKING, nutrition and lifestyle….more so than a revolutionary program they found on late night TV
The right exercise is the missing ingredient in just about EVERY diet failure to be found….and the key in just about every success story as well.
If you truly need to be skinny, fit and beautiful for the beach AND beyond this upcoming summer season…..

My advice to you is simple. Try something new. Think differently. As Albert Einstein once said so well…..”Insanity is the act of doing the very SAME thin over and over again…and expecting a different result”

If you want a new result…at some point, you need to try a new way of dieting. That one simple distinction changed my life forever…and I’m hoping it does the same for you!

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