Getting in shape is definitely easier than it appears to be. Whilst eating fewer calories and working out more sounds pretty straight forward, as individuals you are always left with the situation of either eating too little and being pursued by hunger pangs and a weak metabolism or working out for hours on end and finding hours later that your appetite is making you consume all the calories you have ride your body of.

If this description sounds like you, then the upcoming techniques constructed by leading dietitians can help you to lose those excess lbs without the need to go on a diet.

1. Eat soup before a meal – whether you’d prefer to do this before lunch or tea, research suggest consuming a half a bowl of soup half an hour before your chosen meal can help you to suppress your appetite. The aim is to eat it quite warm so you don’t eat it too fast as this will force your digestive system to digest it more effectively – thus speeding up your metabolic rate – and more importantly trick your brain into believing you are full. PLEASE NOTE: do not consume creamy soup as this will have a higher fat content

2. Don’t eat a lot before bed – there is more to losing weight than monitoring your calorie intake and burn. The types of meals you consume can also impact on your shape. Studies by Fugh-Berman suggests that eating sugary dishes such chocolate cake up to half an hour before bed can limit your calorie loss and increase fat storage during the night.

3. Act like you are from the city – it is a proven belief that city dwellers are lighter than those who don’t because of their regular access to ‘accidental exercise’. From walking a few streets to fetch their lunch to doing an errand, accidental walking can easily be incorporated into your schedule and luckily for you doesn’t feel like exercise.

You don’t even have to live in the city to benefit from it either. Just choose to make the decision to use stairs instead of lifts, to parking a couple of streets from your grocers so you have to walk or spring clean your house more and all this absent-minded exercise will lead to increased calorie burn.

4. Try a bit of chilli – if you love eating chilli in your dishes, then this trick is one to add to your dietary plan.Trials have revealed that chilli has got appetite suppressant qualities that can help you to reduce your food cravings. Aim to incorporate up to a tsp – depending on your preferences – to your meals.

5. Reduce your coffee intake – the beverages you drink can add 100+of of unnecessary calories to your nutritional intake every day without you recognizing it is happening. A Starbucks mocha for example includes over 260 calories, so be conscious of what beverages you are drinking and bear this in mind when monitoring your calorie intake.

6. Try a dietary supplement – if you are looking for extra aid for your weight loss journey, then taking a dietary supplement such as natural appetite suppressant Proactol into your diet can help. Medically proven to bind with fat to reduce your dietary fat intake by 28% whilst curbing your appetite, the soluble and non-soluble fibers within this pill can help you to beat the sugar cravings inflicted by dieting and ensure that you stay in control of your weight loss program.  

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