Garlic has been known to man since time immemorial. It has been used as a spice in day to day cooking before its medicinal values came to light. It comes across as a one stop cure for numerous ailments and problems.

Garlic works wonder in controlling blood pressure. A compound named allicin which is present in garlic helps in maintaining a balanced blood pressure. This compound also keeps up the cardiovascular health. It also increases the secretion of enzymes like atalase and glutathione peroxidase which are antioxidant in nature, they also keeps liver in good health.Garlic is excellent in warding off infections in the stomach. It attacks bacteria like E.coli, Salmonella, Candida albican, Cryptococcal meningitis. The good news is that while antibiotics are rendered inefficient after a long time of use, these bacteria cannot develop resistance against the action of garlic.It boosts immunity and prevents cold. Just having as little as 2-3 cloves to y our diet each day will keep you away from infections and colds. It also increases insulin level in the blood and hence controls diabetes.

Garlic has anti bacterial properties which help in clearing acne. It can be used for topical application as well as treating the problem internally. It has the property of cleansing the blood hence it eliminates toxic materials from the body. And when blood is cleansed, it removes acne.There are some tips that you must keep in mind before adding garlic in your diet. Garlic is most effective in raw or crushed form; micro waving renders it ineffective and adds garlic to your food just 10 minutes before it is cooked.

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