The fact remains that you as a person are what you eat, and this is because every food item that you consume has a direct influence on your mind and body functions. In fact, every food that you consume has a great impact on your sex life as well. It affects your hormones, brain chemistry, stress levels and energy. However, while some foods believed to have psychoactive characteristics there are some that stimulates and can actually increase the flow of blood to the genitals. Perhaps, aphrodisiac food is one such category that is believed to kindle the drive for sex and even boost sexual performance.

These foods have been used by the Romans and the Greeks to amplify sexual powers. In fact, during those periods, much time was spent on determining the aphrodisiac foods, but in reality these foods are easily available. Probably, the chances are more that you already have many of these in your kitchen that you may never know. So in case if you are still unaware of some of the top aphrodisiac foods then here are few of them that you must know:

Asparagus: The phallic shaped food contains vitamin E that is believed to encourage sex hormones which further add to a fit sex life and increase sexual powers.

Bananas: Bananas are yet other aphrodisiac foods that are considered to stimulate desire for sex. Generally, it contains potassium and B vitamins which are essential for sex hormone production.

Avocado: The avocado contains vitamin B6, which is also considered as essential element to increase male hormone production. It even contains potassium which even play vital role in regulating the female thyroid gland.

Chocolate: This is one food item that is considered to be the king of natural aphrodisiacs. It contains a host of compounds such as anandamide, the psyochoactive and phenylethylamine, which play the major role in releasing dopamine in the pleasure-centers of the brain and generally reach to its zenith during orgasm. Adding to this, it is even said that PEA help in inducing the feelings of stimulation and attraction.

Figs: This fruit is considered as an arousing stimulant and believed to emulate the female sex organs. In fact, figs are one of the oldest recorded fruits and are steeped in history. It was reported to be Cleopatra’s much loved fruit and the ancient Greeks usually associate it with love.

Raw oysters: It is one of the favorite aphrodisiac food items since the time of Aphrodite during the Greek age. It generally has a rich content of zinc which is a key mineral required for testosterone production. Apart from this, oysters are also high in protein and very nutritious.

These are some of the top aphrodisiac foods that are majorly believed to improve your sex drive and provoke hormones. For many these foods may sound myth, but each of them contain vital minerals that has an effect on sex hormones.

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