There are many underweight people who want to get to a more healthy weight gaining some pounds so they won’t be so skinny.  Many times there are unsafe practices used to gain extra weight which in the long run won’t leave you as a healthy individual.  If you want to gain weight, avoid these tactics.

The most common strategy for most underweight individuals is to eat as much junk food as possible.  It does make sense because the food is cheap and is very high in calories.  If you do eat a high calorie diet long enough, eventually this extra energy is turned into fat which will make you a bit larger.

The goal though isn’t just to gain weight but to be at a healthy weight.  If you eat this junk food, there are a variety of problems that can occur.

The first is trans fats.  These hurt nutrition at the cellular level.  Many times this is found in fried foods and even some pastries.  In the long run, eating trans fats is unhealthy as it does disrupt cellular nutrition.  While this food will help you gain some weight, it’s not worth it at the cost of your health.

Another big issue is sodium intake.  If you eat junk food, at times you can end up with high sodium levels.  This in addition to little exercise can lead to higher blood pressure which can cause a variety of medical problems.

Another huge mistake is not doing any exercise.  The logic is that if you don’t move much, you won’t burn as many calories.  While this might make sense for gaining weight, it is not healthy.  You need to have regular exercise for overall health.  As an underweight person by not exercising you can actually lose weight since you might lose the muscle that you already have.  This is a step backwards as much of the weight gain you will see is likely to be muscle versus fat for your body type.

Whatever you do, make sure that the strategy is safe and won’t cause you to be less healthy in the long run.

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