In the days of ancient medicine, every herb had to be made into a tea or paste of some sort to be consumed for its healthy benefits. This is true for milk thistle as well.  

When it’s purplish flower starts to die and wither away, the seeds that are left in it contain silymarin, the vital ingredient that provides the best kind of detoxification for your liver. Would you like to know how to make milk thistle extract and how to use it for these kinds of healthy benefits?

Most of us do not have a clue how to make homemade medicinal remedies. What would you do with milk thistle seeds once you have harvested them from the dying plant?

Would you just eat them like they are? Are you supposed to boil them in water? Do you add any other kinds of ingredients to make the seeds more beneficial?

How to Make Milk Thistle Extract

1. The first step you will want to to do when making milk thistle extract is gather the seeds from the dead flower. Put these seeds into a grinder or a blender. Ground them into fine bits.

2. For the next step, you are going to need 100 proof medicinal alcohol. Vodka and brandy will work as well as long as they are 100 proof in alcohol volume. Many people use white kitchen vinegar in the place of the alcohol.

3. Use three quarters of one cup of your ground milk thistle seeds and place them into a glass jar that holds a pint. Add one cup of the alcohol or vinegar plus one cup of water.

4. Shake the mixture up well and store in a dark, cool place for at least 6 weeks.

5. Keep an eye on it to make sure the seeds are always under the liquid mixture to prevent molding.

The Best Way to Get Milk Thistle

While making your own tinctures is great, the best advice I have for those who want the benefits of herbal extracts is to choose the best multivitamin brand that has these extracts in it.

Aside from silymarin are alfalfa, turmeric, bacopa, and ginger extracts that are going to help you on the road of excellent health.

There have been many advances in nutritional science that show that when you blend many ingredients together in the proper way, the health benefits can be enhanced many times over.

Learning how to make milk thistle extract is great, but the best and safest way to get what you need for your liver from this natural ingredient is to make sure it is in your multivitamin supplement.

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