You probably know all kinds of tips on taking weight off quickly; just as you know the frustration of regaining the same 20, 30, or even 60 pounds over and over again. When you are ready to take the weight off once and for all without the never-ending battle of quick weight loss and rapid weight gain, you need a new set of tips. You need healthy dieting tips that will lead to permanent weight loss, rather than rapid weight loss.

There is one extremely important rule that any permanent weight loss strategy must include. When you are ready to design a weight loss plan for real success rather than temporary results, it’s time to put this rule into place and start losing the weight once and for all.

The only rule that you are bound by is that every aspect of your plan must be something that you can realistically do for the rest of your life.

That state of mind where you do a diet for a few weeks or a couple months and then consider it over and return to your old ways is the perfect set-up for regaining all of your lost weight. Instead, you must permanently redesign your life with healthier habits.

That’s your first dieting tip! Think of your unhealthy habits and start making changes that you can reasonably live with forever. If you feel overwhelmed, focus on just one change at a time until you have added it all together eventually.

As you start to redesign your daily life, consider a few more tips to help get your life on the weight loss track.

First, do not try to completely cut your most loved foods out of your life forever. This will only lead to deprivation which in turn will lead to caving and eating tons of those foods. Instead, try to find substitutes that are healthier. For instance, you may replace Chinese take-out with a healthy stir-fry in your own kitchen or a nightly ice cream habit with low calorie sorbet once or twice a week.

There will be times when nothing but the real thing is going to hit the spot and in those cases allowing yourself a small portion is not bad. Most of the time you will find that your substitute more than satisfies the craving.

Second, get your creative mind going and start making lists of alternative behaviors for dietary habits that are setting you back. The key is to honestly assess what habits you have that are not healthy and come up with alternatives that will fit with your personality and daily responsibilities.

For instance, maybe you start taking a walk in the evening rather than eating potato chips and candy in front of the TV.

Finally, make sure to stay full during the day by eating frequent, small meals rather than large meals. Eating every 3-4 hours will boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories as well.

In the end, it all boils down to keeping up healthier habits over the long term. What you do one day doesn’t matter much, but what you do collectively over weeks and months makes all the difference. The best healthy dieting tips you will ever receive center around rearranging your life so you become healthier forever, not just for a week or two.

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