Fish oils rich in omega 3 are proven to help with many important health conditions but does fish oil reduce cholesterol? Find out here.

The truth is that some fish oils will help to significantly reduce cholesterol while others will have little effect. To see why this is let’s look at how they work and how to select the best ones.

A quality oil can help because of the high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These have been shown in numerous studies to lower your bad or LDL cholesterol while raising your good or HDL level.

The truth is that not all cholesterol is bad; it is the balance between these levels that is more important!

Briefly, an excess of LDL cholesterol can lead to blocked arteries and increase your chance of a heart attack or stroke. The HDL is vital because it travels along cleaning up excess LDL and returns it to the liver for elimination.

Fish oils help to lower your LDL while actually raising your HDL to achieve a natural and healthy balance.

In addition, they help to lower your triglyceride levels (fats related to cholesterol) significantly to also lower your risk of heart disease.

As you can see, it is more important to have the right balance than become too focused on simply lowering your levels.

I mentioned earlier that not all oils will help and this is because many are poor quality and have little valuable omega 3. The purer the oil, the more benefits it will provide.

You want around 50% omega 3 in your oil with a minimum of 25% DHA as it is responsible for providing most of the health benefits. If you have too much EPA you will be robbed of the maximum potential they have to offer so check the label carefully.

A natural oil in its ester form is more easily absorbed by the body and therefore more effective at balancing your cholesterol. Leading manufacturers will provide this information to you via their website and label and also they will molecularly distilled the oil.

Distillation removes the dangerous toxins while increasing the omega 3 content, leaving you with a safe and very pure oil.

So does fish oil reduce cholesterol? Absolutely, if it is rich in omega 3. Follow these tips to guide you to the most effective and natural ones.

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