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You may think having no breakfast does not matter or that you can only eat a piece of a cookie and it will save time. In fact, this way is really bad for your health. Having breakfast is very important every morning, most importantly for your health. However, to have a healthy breakfast can also be easy and can save you time. There are five choices for you.

1. One cup of low fat milk with ham-roll or wheat bread

It is a very simple and healthy breakfast. You can make ham-roll at home; skimmed ham will be perfect. Low fat milk contains rich calcium which will be absorbed well if you eat it with carbohydrate and protein.

2. Tomato egg soup with toasts

Tomato is great which can resist aging, whiten and loose weight. Egg will supply protein as well as toast. Two pieces of wheat toast also can give the energy for you. This meal is rich of fibrin.

3. Vegetable tofu soup with the sushi

This is a kind of Japanese breakfast. You can buy Japanese sushi at market or you can do it yourself as your flavor. This breakfast is rich of protein fibrin and low of calorie which is suitable for eating a long time. Sometimes you may be bored with the same flavor; foreign meal may give you a surprise.

4. Egg sandwich with vegetable fruit juice

You can put some ham, vegetable and salad on the toast. Orange juice, carrot juice, apple juice are the good choices, it is suggested that cucumber juice is the best.

5. Skimmed milk or yoghurt with soda cookie

This type meal is for those people who are rush to work every business morning. They do not need cook. The calorie contains in soda cookie is the lowest.

Please remember that having healthy breakfast every day on time is very important to keep healthy. You could try these five meals or create another.

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