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It seems like whenever a holiday season arrives that many people get into the cycle of eating too much over the holidays and then spend months trying to find a way to loose the excess weight they gained.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter are special times of the year for many who spend these holidays with family and friends.

That family time almost always revolves around snacks pretty well everywhere they will fit on a coffee table or end table, a bit too much drinking for some, and of course the family dinner table that literally groans with every manner of festive food that North American’s have become so accustomed to.

For many people, much of the enjoyment of the holidays is lost because in the back of their minds they are worrying about putting on a pile of weight and secretly dread the time after the holidays when they will have to deal with it.


There seems to be more and more people who resort to diet pills in order to fast-track their “after the holidays” weight loss. This short-cut can be a recipe for disaster.

Basically diet pills try and fool the body and speed up weight loss. The problem is, it’s simply not natural and the weight you do lose will most likely be short term and return soon after you stop taking the pills. So you take more pills and soon are on a viscous cycle with no end in sight.

Even when diet pills are claimed to be composed of “natural” ingredients they can still present serious risks to your health.

Keep in mind that diet pills are often a last resort for those that are at risk from their weight, or “morbidly obese”. For most people this is simply not the case. It just seems like an easy way out even though most people are well aware that a proper diet and regular fitness are the best weapons against being over-weight.


Why not approach things differently? Why not get yourself trim and fit “before” the holidays instead of making those hard to keep resolutions “after” the damage is done?

Have you ever thought of becoming a triathlete?

There are many reasons why triathlon has become the fastest growing mainstream sport in the world.

–Triathlon is a sport for everyone. Man, woman, young, old, or athletic or non-athletic. Triathlon is a sport that transcends all borders and welcomes people from all walks of life to take on the challenge.

–Triathlon is a great way to learn new skills. Can’t swim a stroke? No problem. There are many ways to learn how to swim well enough to be a triathlete and what a great skill to have for the rest of your life.

–Over-weight? Smoker? Drinker? So what. These are minor stumbling blocks that will disappear once you feel the thrill of becoming more than you ever though possible when you cross the finish line of your first triathlon.

–Triathlon makes you feel great and look great.

–Meet new friends who will help you realize your triathlon dreams and goals.

–It involves swimming, biking, and running, and because of the cross-training you never get bored or tired of doing the same thing all the time.


Triathlon is the perfect sport to get you ready for the holidays. The timing is perfect. Most races take place in the Summer and Fall and in early Spring the training for the upcoming season usually begins. Just think, when Christmas and Thanksgiving roll around you will be in amazing shape.

In the month or so before the Easter Holidays it’s time to begin training for the next triathlon season, so you will be in fine shape for the Easter holidays and will be able to spoil yourself a little. You will realize that you will be training in earnest in the coming months so will not have to wonder how you will lose and extra holiday weight.

Most triathletes never have to worry much about what they eat over the holidays because they are in such great shape going into them. There is no guilt about spoiling oneself and putting on a few extra pounds because you know you can lose them quite easily.

Resolutions become a thing of the past and rushing out to the nearest fitness club for an expensive membership that you will use 2 or 3 times and then forget about is no longer necessary. All you have to do is head out the door for a run or go over to the pool for a swim.


Maybe there is another sport that appeals to you, but whatever you decide it would make sense to go into the holidays in great shape and not have to worry about putting on a few extra pounds because you will already have a plan in place that provides you the best way possible to lose weight.

There simply is no better way to lose weight than to combine smart food choices with a regular fitness regimen.

The best part about triathlon is that it burns a ton of calories. You will not have to count calories. The more you train, the more calories you get to eat to make up for the fuel used in the training sessions.

All you have to do is make sure you eat a good balance of complex carbohydrates like pasta, whole wheat bread, and brown rice for example, high quality protein like lean beef, fish, or chicken, and great fats like olive oil and coconut oil.

If you stick to a consistent training program you will never have to worry about how much you eat, because your body will tell you when its time to replace lost fuel in the form of calories and it and it will tell you when you have had enough.

Combine wise food choices with exercise and you have hit on the one true formula for losing weight and keeping it off before or after the holidays.

In the hazy world of weight loss books, fad diets, lose weight quick scams, and diet pills, people have lost sight of the one simple and most important secret to remember when it comes to losing weight.

“Burn more calories than you consume”. It really is as simple as that.

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