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Can you really expect food to change your life? You bet you can! When you eat the right food at the right time you can benefit in three key ways. First you can increase your energy second you can ward off illness and last you can shed the extra pounds your carrying. And it really isn’t complicated. But don’t take my word for it follow this simple plan and experience the difference yourself.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets us up to either charge or fall. Typically we load up on carbohydrates here. These are quickly absorbed by our bloodstream and send us on a rollercoaster ride. The energy comes on quickly and is depleted quickly leaving us tired. When you replace these carbs with protein the energy is released in a much slower way providing us with sustained energy for the day. Swop your cereal for protein rich eggs, cottage cheese and yoghurt.

Lunch is time for the antioxidants to come out. The best way of consuming a good dose of antioxidants is through your food and not in the form of a supplement. Seven servings of fruit and vegetables may seem like a lot but eaten as a salad with some grilled chicken breast on top it will give you all the disease fighting power you need. Focus on leafy greens, berries and fruit juice particularly purple grape juice.

Now for dinner. Can you really burn fat at dinner time? If you choose calcium rich foods then you definitely can! A high calcium intake has been linked to weight loss even when the calories consumed remain the same. Try tofu for dinner, a cheese board or canned fish for that calcium boost.

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