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If you want to grow taller then you will need to do much more than just pray. A little effort in the right direction will go a long way in increasing your height while a wrong move could result in injury or disappointment. There are some vital tips that you must know if you want to grow taller.

Move your body. Sitting on the couch will not increase your height but in fact will result in poor posture and problems in the future. Instead, move your body from the couch and start playing sports such as basketball or go cycling or running towards better health and greater heights. These sports and exercises can help in stretching out your limbs and can also help your bones and other tissues to better absorb nutrients from your foods.

Eat smaller and wholesome meals. Instead of feasting on fatty fries or eating sugary foods regularly, change over to healthier alternatives. Foods that contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals such as calcium, and other vital nutrients can help your muscles, tendons and bones to develop quickly and remain strong enough to handle a progressive exercise routine. Foods that contain these healthy traits should be split up into small meals and consumed throughout the day so as to extract the maximum out of them.

Ditch those gizmos and stick to stretching. Most gizmos including pills available in the market are simply fakes that will not help in anyway in increasing your height. Instead, go in for stretching exercises that can loosen up those limbs and help stretch them. There are various stretching exercises that can be done irrespective of your exercise routine, be it weight training, aerobics, dancing or any other form. Exercises release growth hormones that can help you to quickly grow taller, especially if you are quite young.

Consider surgery only as a last resort. If you are indeed desperate to increase your height then you can also consider surgery. However, you might be out of action for a couple of months as your surgery will require complete rest and the cost too could be quite high. Surgery can help you to easily gain a couple of inches.

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