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The Future of the Biologicals Market: Market overview, innovations and company profiles
 Biopharmaceutical products are the key to the future of the pharmaceutical market. Even before the market stagnation seen in 2009 due to the recession, conventional pharmaceuticals were facing drastic consequences from the loss of patent cover for many blockbusters, and the continued failure of the R&D departments in big pharma to produce replacement candidates. Although the conventional, small-molecule segment of the market will continue to hold a larger share, their growth is expected to be in low single figures, while biopharma products are forecast to grow at rates up to 10% per annum. ( )
 This report analyses the three main components of the biopharma market – monoclonal antibodies, therapeutic proteins and vaccines – to show why these groups have such a positive future. It provides the most up-to-date discussion of the whole biopharma market and explores new clinical indications beyond those already targeted.
 Key features of this report
 • Monoclonal antibodies will build on recent market growth as new product candidates come onstream and new indications are confirmed, extending the usefulness of Mabs beyond cancers and autoimmune disease to CNS conditions, infections and others.
 • The Therapeutic Proteins class will continue to be dominated by hematopoietic growth factor products for cancer-related neutropenia and anemia.
 • Cytokines are another important contributor to the Therapeutic Proteins sector, and new uses for them are under investigation, including cancers, benign prostatic hyperplasia, gout, wound healing and inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s.
 • Buoyancy in the Vaccines sector is driven by anxiety over bioterrorism, the ongoing risk of a global influenza pandemic and new targets for prevention.
 • The prospect of therapeutic vaccines, especially against cancers, is another major driver in the vaccines market.
 Scope of this report
 • The report gives a realistic picture of the strengths and limitations of the biopharma marketplace, indicating those product groups whose strengths are set to last while avoiding over-optimistic forecasts of growth over the next five years.
 • In terms of R&D activity, the report aims to give the reader a perspective on the important research avenues now being pursued, while updating the reader with an overview of recent R&D developments .
 • By covering all the three major segments of the biopharma market, the report gives a better perspective of the contribution of biopharma to the management of some major diseases than would be gleaned from studying only a single product type.
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