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It is not possible for the human body to lose weight at a regular or uniform manner. This is because weight loss is dependent on various factors – your levels of physical activity, health, genes, stress experienced, lifestyle and of course your diet! Of these the two that have the most influence on weight loss is exercise and diet. If you want to lose weight rapidly, try out the following tips!

Be knowledgeable about weight loss.
Don’t be ignorant about certain facts regarding fat and weight loss. Do research that will bring you up to date on various measures and techniques that help in fat reduction. Knowledge that is worked upon will bring results. So once you are armed with all the facts go about implementing them!

Regular exercise regimes are a must.
Exercise will help you to burn calories and lose weight by making your muscles do more work and enlarging your muscle tissues thereby increasing the metabolic rate (the amount of calories that are being burnt when we are resting). There are both anaerobic (exercises that do not supply oxygen to muscles – weight lifting and short bursts of energy) and aerobic exercise (exercises that supply oxygen to the muscles via the blood system and heart – walking, swimming, etc) that are beneficial.

Take the advantage of a right diet.
Diets that are balanced bring about both muscle loss (of about 25%) and fat loss (of about 75%) out of which there is also loss of water. Eat the right food two or three hours before exercising making sure that the meal consists of high carbohydrates and protein and low fat, like cereals, yoghurt, fresh fruit juices, bread etc.

Unwavering discipline brings results.
The fastest way to lose weight is to be disciplined. Good training and good nutrition will help you shed the pounds faster in the long run. You might have to try out a few regimes before you hit on the ideal one for you!

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