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Stop Binge Eating…

it’s “>It’s easy if your willing to get help,learn, and go through the necessary treatment it takes to stop binge eating. First their is “no apply today and be cured tomorrow formula”. But here’s a 30 day guide I’ve prescribed to my clients to end emotional eating disorder…

*Start with the head of the problem- Compulsive eating disorder happens due to a lack of confidence, shame, and or poor social acceptance. So in order to really BEAT overeating. You have to change the mind. I personally tell clients to identify the thoughts that go through your head before you consume these large meals.

“Are you feeling shame for not living up to something or achieving something? Do you lack confidence? Or maybe something isn’t piecing together like you thought it should. Nonetheless it’s your job to stay positive. Because as the law states… “As a man thinks in is heart so is he!”

*Self Affirmations and coaching yourself up to how you want to feel.

*Replace the foods in your house to more nutrient dense foods. If you want it in 30 days your going to have to go all out! Now when you do over eat your body will be in a healthier state. But more importantly your guaranteed to consume less calories!

*Make a effort to improving what is missing. I tell clients who have a problem with negative thoughts, that they should focus on the positive or solution and negative thoughts will disappear. it’s “>It’s proven…

Example: When your cold and you want to get warmer you don’t focus on the cold but rather the heat! By running straight for the thermostat!

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