May 2010
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There are many advantages to juicing, and with this comes the ever expanding popularity of appliances that help you gain the vital essences of the nutrients that are present in liquid form. One of the new products that contends with thousands is the Health Master juicing blender released by Tristar and endorsed by Montel Williams.

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The reason and sole purpose of the Health Master is that of exploiting juice for health benefits. There are many advantages of juicing that have been proven time and time again. Besides making juice and liquidating foods that have great essentials for the human body, juices contain important properties that promote longevity of life, boost metabolism for weight-loss and maintenance purposes, and support the body’s utmost functioning including fighting disease, boosting metabolism, and securing vital energy.

Juice or other liquid forms of food have been shown to be absorbed by the body faster and more effectively than that of solid foods. Furthermore, powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and substances are combined to produce quick and easy supplements that aid in digestion, prevent heart disease, and increase quality of life overall.

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The biggest advantage of the Health Master is that is really is efficient at supplying a tool to make delicious tasting juice that is not of lack of any of the components that make it necessary and essential.

It thoroughly emulsifies the food it processes and leaves no chunks or awkward consistency. You can definitely find this new product easy to use, simple to clean, and beneficial for making juices that will gain you great health and a larger quality of life.

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