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Body detoxifying – is there a single best method?  The answer is no unfortunately. The fact of the matter is different methods work in different manners, but not one of them beats all the rest – they all work well but in different degrees.  If you are searching for the simplest and most cost effective methods, the following are some you can try out.

1. Water – drink more of it.  Water still is one of the best ways for removing toxins. Actually water is the most effective tool for eliminating wastes from the body and cleansing it. It is important our bodies have plenty of water on a daily basis.  When you don’t drink enough H20 it can result in dehydration, and the body’s cells are pushed to begin taking water from our bloodstreams – and hence more pressure is put on the heart. 

It is advised by the experts, that as part of our body detoxifying regime, we should ensure we have at least 6-8 glasses of water on a daily basis.  Not only then is the body cleansed from the inside-out, having enough water can have positive effects on our complexions, help with weight loss, and sharpen concentration.  Also a great point is, water is the only drink that is natural that contains absolutely no calories so you don’t have to worry about putting on the pounds when you drink.

But let’s think about it, how exactly does water cleanse our bodies? It aids in eliminating  toxins from various organs, this includes the kidneys and liver. Your metabolism is also boosted when you consume water, and hence your body’s removal of fat and toxins is sped up.  If your intention is to go on a fast, then you should make sure you increase the amount of water you consume, as this will increase the cleansing process.

2. Do light exercise on a regular basis. When we take into account the positive aspects of exercising, we usually concentrate on the benefits to the heart, the muscles etc. But it should be taken into consideration it can also help with cleansing our body’s. What sort of exercise will do this? On the whole the most effective ones are aerobic exercises that raise heart rates and therefore give the cardiovascular system a good work out. Included with these sort of exercises are jogging, cycling, jump-roping, walking and swimming.
Anaerobic exercises should be avoided as they contribute in putting the body through a lot of stress the could prevent it from recovering effectively.

3. Have a soak. Meaning a detox soak.  You may question how does bathing is essential oils, herbs and salts help the body to detoxify?  Toxins are flushed out through the pores when you perspire. After a typical soak (which takes about 20-30 minutes) You should then
lie down and cover yourself with towels. This will then let your skin release toxins through perspiring.  Then you should find you have a very deep sleep.

These are some of the best methods that you can use to successfully detoxify. It’s about time you did some spring cleaning on your insides!

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