May 2010
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With media coverage focusing on rising obesity levels it is no shock to learn that a growing number of Britons are piling on the pounds. Government statistics estimate that by 2025, 41% of people in the UK will be obese and by 2050 it will be more than half.

Whether you have a few pounds or stones to lose or even if you simply want to be a little healthier, there are plenty of new and emerging diet and exercise trends to help you along the way.

If you want to lose weight then the fundamental principle is to burn off more calories than you consume. Negative calorie consumption helps you to lose weight and you can adjust your calorie intake to maintain a healthy weight once you have reached your goal.

Weight loss of no more than 2lb per week is recommended and it is worth remembering that sustaining a healthy weight is just as important as losing the pounds to begin with.

Natural nutrition is likely to be a key trend throughout this year and beyond, with more of a focus on eating more “good” foods, like fruit, vegetables, beans pulses and lean meats. Fruit, vegetables and other good foods are packed with nutrients and fibre which help you to stay fit and healthy without gaining extra pounds.

It may seem sensible to cut fats out of your diet when trying to shed some weight; but healthy fats – found in foods like nuts, oily fish and avocados – are essential for a healthy body, so make sure you know what you should and shouldn’t be removing from your diet!

The popularity of organic food is also testament to increased awareness of how food is produced. Organic foodstuffs are in high demand because they are free of pesticides, hormones and other additives, and integrating some organic items into your diet helps you along the road to wellbeing.

The simple act of writing down everything you eat and drink throughout the day makes you more aware of your eating habits and how much you are actually consuming, so it is predicted that food journals will remain popular.

Portion control is another hot topic and portion sizes in Britain – and many other countries – tends to be much larger than they should so it pays to accustom yourself with what you should be eating each day, and in what quantity.

Exercise remains at the forefront of overall fitness and “at home fitness” is becoming more popular as many people try to tighten their budgets without impacting their health.

As well as achieving a healthy body and mind, keeping yourself fit and strong can reap other benefits as well. Many life insurance companies take their customers’ lifestyles into consideration so keeping yourself in tip-top condition could help to lower insurance premiums.

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