May 2010
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Have you always been told that a proper colon cleanse can only be done by a doctor or at a special type of facility? If so, I’m here to shatter that myth and tell you that colon cleansing at home can be just as effective, without the embarrassment of doing this process with someone else. Given the choice wouldn’t you want this to be something only you had to know about? I thought so. I feel the same way.

Over the past several years colon cleansing has become a household word as the media has covered it in so many ways. One of the most well known news anchors lost her husband to colon cancer which also helped to raise awareness about colon cleansing.

As a result there has also been an onslaught of colon cleansing products to meet the demand in the marketplace for people wanting to try colon cleansing at home. Some are better than others.

Cleansing the colon or, for that matter, any issues related to the colon are sensitive subjects for discussion. Most people’s preference is that they, and they alone, know about what is happening or not happening with regard to their colon and bowel movements.

A very well known and respected herbalist traveled the world actually investigating bowel movements of different people and he reported back that in the countries, where the people are the healthiest, the norm is to have a bowel movement after every meal. Do you do that? If not, then this herbalist says you are constipated.

I’m pretty sure the majority of the world’s population is constipated as I write this because I’ve spoken with so many people who have a bowel movement very infrequently.

So what happens when you are constipated? Fecal matter sits in your colon waiting to be eliminated. This fecal matter contains toxins that can escape your colon back into your bloodstream or can develop into diseased matter that can seriously affect your health.

Colon cancer has been on the steady rise in recent years and the scary thing about it is that it has no regard for age, it is entirely a diet and lifestyle related disease.

A colon cleansing at home is something that is simple and highly effective in cleaning your intestines out and giving them a fresh start. Get your colon cleansing product today and regain your optimal health. It’s as simple as taking a few pills with water. Anyone can do it.

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