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A full body massage is often treated as a form of therapy by some people. The full body massage can be accompanied by many other forms of supplementation or alternative medicine treatments. A hot stone therapy can be a form of supplement for a full body massage for effective treatment. Other kinds of supplements for a full body massage can be aromatherapy oils as a medium, acupressure implements, salt and many more.

Hot Stone Therapy

The full body massage with hot stone therapy entails using oil to facilitate better melding of the stone against the skin. There are many variations to a full body massage with hot stone treatment. It all actually depends on the masseuses’ training how the hot stone therapy is applied. This concept of where the masseuse is trained applies to other forms of massages like Thai body massage, shiatsu and the rest.

Usually the stones used for a hot stone therapy are smaller than a fist and usually dark colored and sort of flat. These are chosen because of their properties to retain heat and not crack under the constant heat. The hot stones are used around the middle of the full body massage and they are usually left on the body, usually at the back for several minutes for their heat to penetrate the muscles and tissues and weave their magic during the full body massage.

May people who believe in the healing powers of a full body massage with hot stone therapy say that the heat helps to relieve tired and aching muscles as well as help them relax. The initial feel of the hot stones on the skin may result to a flinch from the individual but the pre application of warm oil on the skin helps to ease the application of the hot stone as it is rubbed all over the back and then settled on strategic places for efficacy, from the back down to the legs. The placement of the hot stones varies from the back to the front of the individual. When the hot stones are place din front, they can be placed on the face (smaller flat stones), chest, stomach and legs.

The hot stone full body massage can be therapeutic in the sense that it relaxes the tired and aching muscles and can revitalize the individual immensely. Many people may need to get used to he heat that the stones bring but they will soon learn to appreciate the full body massage.

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