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Our potential height is predetermined by genes and there is little in the form of vitamins or supplements available to help you exceed it. However, most of us never reach that full potential due to various issues during our development to adulthood. Illness, injury and improper or insufficient nutrition all act to slow down our rate of growth. Fortunately, vitamins can help us to lessen these complications, maximize our height and make us healthier all around.

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Vitamin D

Much of our Vitamin D is produced in our bodies from reactions initiated by sunlight on our skin. We can supplement this from dietary sources enriched with with vitamin D, for example whole milk, egg yolks, fish oils and fortified margarine and cereals. Vitamin D is needed to assist in the proper uptake and absorption of calcium from our diet, which in turn is used in bone repair and growth. Researchers at the McGill University Health Center determined that Vitamin D insufficiency is directly associated with decreased height in young women.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has long been recognized for its role in promoting wholesome teeth and skin and for boosting the immune system. Staying healthy through development is usually a large determinant is reaching your complete height potential. Vitamin C also helps to strengthen bone matrix and aid in the production of other essential structural elements just like collagen. Vitamin C is naturally discovered in many fruits and vegetables, most notably berries, citrus fruits, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A can be a key component for the development and growth of bones and teeth. Foods rich in retinol, the form of vitamin A found in animals, include fish, liver and milk. The beta-carotene found in yellow, orange, red and green vegetables and fruits can by converted to vitamin A by your body.

B Vitamin Complex

From assisting in nutrient metabolism and absorption to the production of red blood cells, the B vitamins play several important roles in maintaining your overall health and helping you reach your complete height. Dietary sources high in B vitamins include lean meat (liver, chicken, seafood), nuts, bananas, citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables and watermelon.

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