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If you feel uncomfortable while using drugs to cure simple health problems, there is another option for you. There are a number of natural alternatives to treat ailments. Alternative natural medicine treatment is gaining popularity, and if used correctly, can be quite beneficial for your health.

There are a lot of alternative herbal medicines available to cure common health problems. Such a herb is Passion flower that is quite effective in soothing the nervous system. It works as a strong relaxant and is used to treat anxiety, insomnia and tension. This herbal medicine has proven a boon to people who were previously dependent on sleeping pills and wanted to get rid of them. In some cases patients of hyperactivity, convulsions and hysteria are also given passion flower treatment. This herb is also effective in lowering high blood pressure.

There is another powerful antioxidant Co-Q10, which is quite beneficial for the cardiovascular system. When Co-Q10 is taken in combination with Hawthorne berry, it can provide anti-aging affects. It is also useful for Insomnia patients and helps improve the digestive system.

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