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Being addicted to drugs means depending compulsively on a certain substance, whether it is illegal or legal. Drug addiction cases are characterized by the habitual consumption of a drug. It is related with the lack of intake limit, craving, and the onset of emotional turmoil if the drug is not taken in. It is a fact that the world is facing a huge percentage of smoking, drug addiction, and alcoholism cases.

One out of three individuals all over the world is recently smoking cigarettes. It has been predicted that by the year 2020, worldwide smokers are predicted to amount up to 1.7 billion. In the United States, approximately 4 percent of the entire population depends on alcohol. In the United Kingdom, the culture focuses on “binge drinking.” The total number of worldwide drug users is increasing at a disturbing rate. While the number of substance and alcohol abusers is growing, there is also a growing number of rehabilitation and detoxification centers all over the globe. The following are found in Europe.

Abbeycare Foundation – Specialist Addiction Treatment Center

Abbeycare Foundation is found in Dalry, Scotland. It is a private treatment center that provides a confidential treatment setting for its clients. The services of Abbeycare Foundation are specially structured to provide quality treatment, which is centered on one person. The approach of the center is holistic. It addresses the mental, spiritual, and physical consequences of addiction. Its program offers its clients the chance to gain increased awareness and comprehension regarding substance dependency. This enables the individual to distinguish probable stimulants, to help him cope with his addiction properly. The treatment approach of Abbeycare Foundation is therapeutic, provided by a well-trained staff.

The Marbella Rehabilitation Treatment Center

The recovery program of The Marbella Rehab Treatment Center, which is found in Spain, is specially designed and developed for individuals who want assistance with their drug and alcohol problems. The team of this treatment facility is friendly and dedicated to providing its clients with the best help. Marbella emphasizes family and patient education. Its treatment plan is individualized to make sure that each of its client or patient is provided with utmost attention and care. Its treatment plans are integrated with aftercare services to ensure that the client has been able to cope well and stand up on his own after the duration of his treatment program.

Serenity House – Center for Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Located in Spain, Serenity House provides care and treatment to alcoholics who want to change their lives for the better. The program of this treatment center is comprised of 12 steps, which assures the successful recovery of its clients. The team of Serenity House is made up of professional and trained counselors, who are also former addicts themselves. This means that each counselor is familiar with the ordeal that the clients are going through, making them perfectly capable of helping the addict.

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