June 2010
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Care of women during her pre natal or post natal stage has been specially given emphasis under the Public Health Service Act, Title III program. Under this act, it becomes imperative on the part of the government to remove disparities in prenatal and women’s health by increasing the community’s system of services and infra structural set up. Health and Development Act aims to direct the resources and intervention measures to bring advancement in the health of women who always find themselves exposed to the higher risks.

Each project aiming for the health of women and reducing the infant mortality rates promotes the health of women by reducing any risk associated with the behavior and medical. These programs are community based giving the most essential services and helping in the promotion of the activities in their allotted areas.

All these services involve home visiting, making provisions for essential services required for the care of mothers and their infants, mentoring by the trained community members, coordinating with the various agencies to increase the awareness and prevention of substance abuse and domestic violence, and providing timely intervention to the women at high risk during their prenatal stage and within their families. Besides they also cater to look into the medical activities catering towards the mental health of the women.

Projects at the early stages formulate community-based coordination between individuals and organizations including women and other families and also collaborate with the State Title C (MCH) Agency with a local health system action plan. This coordination makes all the efforts for improving the quality, and many other services related to the care in the local areas. The funds allotted will not be used to displace any currently funded services.

All the Urban and Rural communities showing considerable amount of disparities in prenatal health can apply for the grants. They also need to set up their infrastructure or a capacity to spread the address and give support to the communities for achieving the goals for the start of the health programs. Any public or private organizations or centers or communities including any tribal organization are eligible for the grant. Organizations catering to the community services can also receive the grants for the said projects.

Ultimate beneficiaries of the projects through the grants are women including infants suffering from prenatal disparities.

The projects follow the provisions laid down under the E.O. 12372, “Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs.” Any applicant showing eagerness to carry on the said project should consult the office or any official assigned in the state. For any other enquiries, Central office can be contacted.

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