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For years the folklores and old wives tales about the tiny deep red colored fruit that helps fight urinary tract infections seems to more than just legend. This amazing urinary tract fruit is the little cranberry. Flaxseed also offers a number of benefits for a women’s health including a natural source of estrogen.

So what makes a combination of cranberry and flaxseed so special and what natural health benefits would this combo really offer?

Tracking Down Reliable Sources of Information

Ongoing research from leading sources around the globe offers supporting evidence of both cranberry and flaxseed ligans.

The Proanothcyanidins found in cranberries help prevent urinary tract infections by inhibiting E. coli bacteria from attaching to the urinary tract wall. Since this bacteria is inhibited to adhering to the bladder walls, it is much easier for the body to flush these harmful invaders out of the body.

In addition, cranberries are a good source of antioxidants, phytochemicals and polyphenols. Each of these ingredients are also under analysis for benefits of increasing the power of the body’s immune system The National Kidney Foundation recommends drinking at least one large glass of cranberry juice a day to help maintain urinary tract health.

Lignans are chemical compounds naturally found in only plant foods. Lignans can be found in nuts, seeds, beans and whole grains. However, the most abundant sources of lignans are from flaxseeds. According to research published in 1998 entitled Experimental Studies on Lignans and Cancer, flaxseed contain over 100 times the lignin amount of other foods studied.

Studies suggest lignans help with estrogen levels within the body and a certain study by Adlercreutz and Mazur in 1997 entitled Phyto-oestrogens and Western diseases.

suggests lignans may even decrease menopausal symptoms.

The Next Generation for Women’s Health

The combination of cranberry and flaxseed lignans in a single source for daily consumption is truly unique. Fruit Advantage Women’s Formula not only provides the convenience but delivers both flaxseed lignans and cranberry in a single 100% natural supplement. What makes Fruit Advantage Women’s Formula so unique is that is the first dietary supplement available on the market to combine flaxseed lignans and cranberry in a dietary supplement.

Two capsules of Fruit Advantage Women’s Formula is the same a drinking 2 glasses of cranberry juice without the sugar. In addition, each daily serving delivers 50mg of lignans and 950mg of flaxseed. Research suggests 50mg of lignans is required to get the benefits of lignans. This Women’s Formula not only aids urinary tract concerns it all addresses the pressing concerns of many women including estrogen and menopausal.

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