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Adding supplements to your diet can be a simple way to help women to safeguard their health. There are supplements available that can be helpful for treatment, prevention, and provide relief for a variety of health issues affecting women.

Many health experts recommend that adults take a multivitamin every day for better health and women should take multivitamins made especially for their physiology. A single multivitamin formulated to meet a woman’s nutritional and health needs is easier to swallow both physically and for your budget when compared to a handful of individual vitamins and supplements that can quickly add up.

Recommended for use by both men and women, DHEA is also an important supplement for women’s health because it helps prevent osteoporosis, which women are at a higher risk for than men. Speaking of bone loss and women’s higher risks for bone loss due to hormonal imbalances, menstruation, breastfeeding, and decreased hormone production after menopause, women are advised to take supplements containing vitamin D. This helps preserve bone density and to sustain good health as early as in their 20’s.

MultiOmega 3-6-9 is a supplemental blend of omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids (from flaxseed, certain types of fish, and borage,). These healthy fats are used to support a variety of functions. It also assists your body into becoming disease resistant.

EPA Fish oils are good for the heart, and they are good for a woman’s skin. They can help prevent premature ageing of the skin, face, and hands, as well as reduce the presence of wrinkles.

The signs of heart disease and a heart attack are often more subtle in women than in men. This can result in more deaths in women from a first heart attack. Oil derived from flax seeds contain properties that are beneficial to heart health and this supplement should be on every woman’s list who is 50 years of age or older or those who have a family history of heart trouble.

Probiotic formulas made just for women help produce more good bacteria in their body. This helps to keep people healthy while working to decrease and eliminate unhealthy bacteria from the body.

Vitamin C is good for adults because it contains powerful antioxidants that can to fight cold and flu germs. It also helps ward off illnesses that are more serious.

Some women require extra iron to counterbalance the iron that is lost during menstruation cycles. Folic Acid is important for women and especially while trying to get pregnant since studies have shown it can help prevent birth defects.

Melatonin is an important health supplement for women because it helps to regulate mood, sleep, stress, and acts as an antioxidant to guard women’s health from serious illnesses and conditions.

To maintain their gastrointestinal health women should consider taking health supplements containing turmeric which contains natural compounds that help prevent digestive upsets and to promote regular bowel movements for better health.

The cranberry plant contains properties that support urinary and bladder health. Cranberry juice is widely consumed for this purpose. A cranberry supplement can provide you with the same amount of healthy compounds as a full serving of juice in a pill or capsule.

After age 40, the body’s metabolism slows down and women often find it harder to keep their weight under control. There are many health supplements geared towards weight loss and weight management for you to consider if you are concerned about your weight.

Women experiencing thyroid problems can be helped by taking certain supplements which support healthy thyroid functioning. A doctor should test your thyroid to check for problems that may need to be treated and also to discuss whether a thyroid supplement is right for you.

Women can experience issues with the veins in their legs such as varicose or ruptured veins (which are unsightly and can cause women pain as well) when blood circulation to the legs is poor. Crossing your legs, wearing high heels and tight jeans, injury, and medical conditions can lead to poor circulation in the legs. A supplement for the enhancement of vein strength and health can help women avoid varicose veins.

We have only covered some of the health supplements women may want to consider taking for improving and maintaining health. Utilize the large collection of resources that are available on the internet to learn more about women’s health supplements and how they may benefit your health or the health of friends and family.

Arianna Jordan is a freelance writer and blogger who writes about health and fitness, often focusing on specific products such as health supplements.
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