July 2010
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Are you… Mandy is rapidly approaching “40 something”, married with 2 teenage children.

Dealing with… Suspected Depression, constant Headaches and Migraines and now she is worried about her SUDDEN Weight Gain.

Or maybe you are… Cathy is 49, married with a son who is due to get married early next year. She wants to look good for the wedding but needs help with improving her overall Complexion and Skin Care Advice for that Special Occasion.

Trying to solve… Nagging skin issues including Dry Skin, Blemshes, and Too many Wrinkles for her age. Her skin needs URGENT HELP!

If so, MUST KNOW Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women’s Health & Beauty could be helpful in solving those problems, and many more.

Here are just some of the highlights of MUST KNOW Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women’s Health & Beauty:

From Page 42 to Page 140 (YES – that’s 98 Pages!) I found out about a series of simple steps, tips, and general advice that is guaranteed to help and improve with the overall condition of your skin whatever your current problems. Just learning about skin care was worth the price of the whole ebook.
The author provides a foolproof method for solving Hair Damage From Stress Or Conditioning. You’ll find this on page 141
Headaches are one of the most common medical complaints. Nearly 90 percent of us suffer from a headache at some time. If Headaches and Migraines are a problem for YOU pay very careful attention to page 236, where the author goes into great detail about this topic.

Of course, MUST KNOW Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women’s Health & Beauty isn’t for everybody.

My only slight reservation about this HUGH and comprehensive book, it is that it is probably too big to print out and read at your leisure (OVER 300 PAGES)…..and yes I am being a little picky here! But in all truth – this is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE book available totalling focusing on Women’s Health and Beauty. A MUST READ!

But if you’re dealing with any of the problems mentioned above, I think MUST KNOW Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women’s Health & Beauty can probably save you a lot of time and hassles. Ann Sandretto’s research and experience, as well as a sincere desire to help, come through on every page of the book.

MUST-KNOW Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women’s Health & Beauty is filled with the latest information, tips, advice and recipes covering important women’s issues like skin care, anti-aging, menopause and so much more.

Many ebooks on women’s health and beauty are good, but they’re narrowly focused on certain areas. We’re all very busy, right? That’s why I felt this one-stop, comprehensive resource would be a great way to answer your questions on 100’s of health and beauty topics in an accessible, convenient way.


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