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Lower abdominal exercises for women are an important part of women’s health. While everyone talks about how wonderful it would have a belly, is not the only reason to make sure you work out this part of your body. Having strong abdominal muscles can also improve your health in other ways – for example, giving you better posture and reducing back strain. Most people do some abdominal exercises – however, lower abs are often overlooked “natural teeth whitening“.

Using one or two effective types of lower abdominal exercises for women can be sure that this important muscle group is also working effectively. Several of the exercises may require more equipment than you have easy access – however, most lowerabdominal exercises are easy to make at home and does not require much equipment extra.

Effective lower abdominal exercises for beginners

Lying leg raises – Lie on a flat bench. Raise your arms above your head and your hands hold the edges of the sidewalk or (if any) the grip behind the head. With your legs slightly bent at the knees, raise them all the way to the vertical position. Pause for a second and then slowly lower. Try not to touch the ground at the bottom. This control voltage is maintained in the abdominal muscles throughout the exercise and therefore increase the intensity. Repeat for your designated number of repetitions and sets “natural teeth whitening“.

Reverse Crunch – Lie on your back on an exercise bench, raise your arms and firmly grasp the edge of the bench above or beside your head. With knees bent (and locked in this position), his contract abdominals and lift your hips to bring your knees toward your chest – Hold for three seconds and lower your hips back to the bench. Repeat for your designated number of repetitions and sets.
Leg lifts are advanced exercises to Lower Abs

First, the hanging leg raise is one of the most effective types of abs exercises. For this year, however, you’ll need a lat pull-rod to hang up. This bar will have to be high enough that it can hang with arms fully extended (hands shoulder width apart) for long enough to do the exercise – without the feet touching the ground. Then use yourabdominal muscles (you have to concentrate) to move your legs up until you are sitting in the air.

Important notes for all abdominal exercises

• Do not over train your abs. Remember that success is always the result of many efforts. Never train abs if they are still very sore from a previous workout. Slight pain is well.

• Keep your abs pulled in tight through each rep to maximize the benefit of each repetition ‘types of acne‘.

• Keep the movement range of 30-45 degrees from the floor or bench (horizontal position). This helps minimize the area of hip-flexor and ensures that the ABS achieve complete workout.

• Keep the spine, neck, head and shoulder alignment to avoid kinking.

• When doing squats and crunches, or any other exercise that requires your hands behind your head, interlock your fingers ever since this causes them to pull the head and put your spine out of alignment – which can cause tensions to spine.

Male Abs can be achieved by any woman, and help you live a fuller life. With proper training and proper, is that ABS is very possible.

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