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In the recent times a lot of stress and care have been given to the subject of women’s health. There are certain stages in the lives of women that bring about a lot of change and developments in their mental and physical states. These important changes that come in the lives of women are actually completely physical but they leave very important impacts on their minds and sometimes the impact can be very negative. The irony is that these mental complexities that are brought about by the physical changes in turn gives rise to some other physical ailments.

The first important physical change that comes in the life of a woman is the coming of the menses. Menstruation is a stage that for the first time brings in the feelings of a woman in a girl. She for the first time becomes fully aware of her sex and her sexuality. She is also fed with a lot of additional concepts and thoughts by the people around her. All these conceptions and thoughts sometimes take a toll on her mental state and leave a scar on her psyche.

The second important stage is that of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a stage that brings in a lot of difference in a woman’s life. She is bearing another human being inside her. It is her sole duty to raise the unborn child inside her. She is yoked with the responsibility of two lives at a time. Some women go through complex mental complications or technically speaking pre natal depression during pregnancy. Pre natal depression is increasing at a rapid speed in the ladies and the number of women facing this problem is rising considerably. There are some other women who fall into depression during the period of nursing which is referred to as post natal depression.

Apart from the pre natal depression women also face a lot of mental trauma and irritation during the period or after menopause. Menopause is another very important stage in the life of a woman. The changes that occur to her body sometimes become difficult for her to accept and consequently she falls into what is known as the post menopausal depression.

So these are the myriad forms of depression that are exclusively reserved for the women. Apart from these there are also thousands of other causes that might land a woman in depression or other mental disorders. But in the midst of all these diverse depression causes, one effect that has been established in case of the women is the lack of bone minerals and lessening of the density of the bones. The lack of bone minerals and the weakening of the bones are a very bad sign as these factors make the women vulnerable to fractures and cracks in their old age.

It is sometimes beyond our control to get a grip over the causes of depression but there are definitely ways to get a grip of depression once it has been determined in a patient and so it is important that you keep a close check on the women who are close to you and hold a specific place in your life.

Today we have cures in the form of depression uplifting pills such as valium or xanax online. But these are prescription medicines and so one should buy xanax or related medicines only when a doctor has prescribed them. Besides pills there are many other ways and treatments that can guide you or your loved one out of this slow killing trap. Check with your doctor immediately if anyone in your family is showing any depression symptoms.

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